Getting social at PAX East 2014

From its humble beginnings in Seattle in 2004, The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has become the premiere event series for the gaming community. PAX now has four yearly shows that each draw tens of thousands of attendees.

We partnered with Eventbrite to cover the social media trends at PAX East, which took place in Boston on April 11-13.

David Benson, Mashwork’s Director of Insights attended the expo and worked closely with Eventbrite on this analysis. When asked what trend he was the most excited about Benson replied, “It’s great to see more and more women joining the PAX conversation every year. It shows the gaming community is getting more diverse.”

Eventbrite created an infographic to summarize our findings, which was also published on their blog. Let’s see if these trends continue later this year at PAX Prime in Seattle and PAX Australia in Melbourne.

Eventbrite Infographic