FOX’s ‘American Grit’ off to a great start, prompting “love” from fans

We took a look at Thursday night's series premiere of FOX’s American Grit and detected 4,054 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 9,072 tweets captured by Nielsen, with 44.7% of all tweets expressing some sort of emotion, and averaging nearly 7 ERs per minute. The main ERs fell into the “excited” (21.3%), “good” (15.5%), “congrats” (6.9%), and “crazy” (3.2%) categories, with “love” dominating at 41.4% (vs. 7.2% “dislike”).

In the opening moments of the show there was a spike in “excited” ERs, accounting for more than 52% of all ERs in the first five minutes. The characters controlling a majority of the conversation were contestant Chris, mentioned in 9.3% of all ERs, and host John Cena who was referenced in 6.4% of ERs. In the closing moments “excited” spiked about Chris, and the fact that he got kicked off the show.

Once Jim and Goldie officially advanced to the next round, and Chris met his demise on the show, fans’ took to Twitter to express their excitement for next week's episode. There were 2,014 unique reacting authors, averaging more than 2 ERs per author.