Follow the Leader

It’s been a few weeks since your last new Twitter follower and frustration begins to set is as you try to grow your brand. Then begins the search on how to gain more Twitter followers. There are websites dedicated to the problem at hand and for just as little as five dollars, one can gain 1k followers in less than 24 hours! Too good to be true? Maybe. But five dollars can be spared for an extra few followers, especially if that meant looking a little more relevant.

So what’s the big deal? The big deal is pretending to having more social interaction by faking social interaction. As we all stay envious of those who have a ton of authentic followers, you begin to wonder how much social interaction do they even have with them, if any at all?

First lets ask this question: why do we want more followers? Does it change your content if it streams on 2,000 people’s time lines rather than 200? Not necessarily, but more followers=more exposure. These ‘buy your twitter followers’ services only promise a number, not actual people. So lets take it back to the original question: why do we want more followers if they are not actually reading the content, let alone create social engagement? We want them for the simple fact that you have a chance to look relevant. You stand in a field and you have your army of 2000 people and your competitor has an army of 200. You win, battle over. Yes all your followers may be faceless eggs, but look at all of them!

There are pros and cons to buying your followers:


You look like your relevant and adored. There have been times when I click on someone’s avatar and the fact they have a significant ratio difference between following and followers, I might just follow back because that means they might have something to say or they might have twitter importance of some sort.

It is inexpensive and quick. What can five dollars buy you these days anyway? Might as well put it towards your coolness on twitter.


If someone is interested in following your twitter account, they are going to want to know what kind of following you lead. Once they realize all you have is a basket of eggs, you might loose a potential REAL follower. Or they will know your buying your followers. Not cool.

No social engagement. That is why Twitter came about in the first place, to connect with PEOPLE in less than 140 characters. They won't retweet you, favor you or reply.


So, are you ready to cough up a few bucks to watch the rise of your followers increase by 1000, or keep your dignity and do it the old fashion way?