Fargo Finale Gets Fans Tweeting (Spoilers)

Fargo, FX’s latest foray into miniseries, is cinematic, well-acted, and one of the best things that’s been on TV this year. The series is based on the 1996 Coen brothers film of the same name, and though it replicates the film's tone and setting, TV Fargo tells a different story. Over the course of ten episodes, Fargo viewers had the pleasure of watching ruthless villain Lorne Malvo terrorize the upper midwest while bumbling insurance salesman Lester Nygaard weaseled out of impossible situations and whip-smart detective Molly Solverson put all the pieces together.

The series was packed with action and stellar performances, so it was no surprise that fans reacted strongly. We used our new season recap view in Canvs to determine which episodes of Fargo elicited specific reactions from viewers.

  • The Biblical plagues that befell Oliver Platt’s character were responsible for the fourth episode of the series being the most loved among viewers. A full 63% of reactions to that episode expressed some form of love.
  • The third episode had the highest share of “enjoy” reactions (15%) as viewers were amused by the image of Lester holding a machine gun.
  • The sixth episode was elicited the most “crazy” reactions from viewers. Between Gus shooting Molly and Malvo setting up Chumph, 20% of reactions found something on the show crazy.
  • The highest share of viewers expressed that something was “dark” during the penultimate episode. These reactions were driven by the murders committed by both Lester and  Malvo. Darkness was significant enough to comprise 7% of reactions.

We partnered with Lost Remote to do an infographic on the finale of Fargo. An interview with Fargo actors Allison Tolman and Colin Hanks accompanies the write-up, so it's definitely worth checking out.