Facebook Questions

While Twitter is busy tracking every moment of your day and Foursquare is busy tracking your location, the recent launch of Facebook Questions is now tracking your thoughts and opinions about everything under the sun.

The recent launch of Facebook Questions now provides a smarter solution to the Q&A sector of social media, tapping into the thoughts and opinions of over 600 million users, a population far greater then Quora and Yahoo! Answers could ever dream of. Not only is the application social and in real-time, but it also offers security and trust. You can go anywhere on the internet to ask a question, but the top trusted source of recommendations always come from friends and family.

This new application has huge implications on a brand's ability to gain instant feedback from users. Given that brands are asking the right questions, they can now conduct market research in a much more fluid way. Here are examples of ways companies across different industries can use Facebook Questions to make better informed business decisions based on the crowd-sourced Q&A platform:

-A radio station wants to find out about the hottest concerts this summer -A merchandiser wants to find out what your shopping plans are for the upcoming holiday -A gym wants to know the best time to offer a new kickboxing class -An ice cream shop wants to know which flavor to feature next week

This platform will allow companies the chance to act based on the voiced needs and wants of their consumers, and will also enable them to create trusted interactions by doing so. Facebook may have just given advertisers and market researchers the golden ticket they've been searching for!