Enhanced Facebook Functionality Added to Canvs!

In June, Canvs became the first emotional analytics provider named a Facebook Media Solutions Partner.

Now, we’re excited to share that we have officially added Facebook metrics to the platform, making it easier than ever to correlate our emotional data with Facebook analytics.

We have been hard at work adding key Facebook metrics to our platform, including:


  • Type of Post: For each page authorized, Canvs will give you the total post count, as well as the breakdown the total count of each type of post, meaning there’s no more guessing if your fans are more inclined to emotionally respond to a photo or a video. Post types include video, photo, link, status and offer.
  • Shares: Users will see a total count of post shares, including the breakdown per share type, adding an additional layer of context to a classic Facebook metric.
  • Reactions: For each of the 5 Facebook reactions; Like, Love, Wow, Sad, Angry, and Haha, Canvs will break down the total engagements for each. Included in this breakdown will be post likes, and a total engagement count for all. In doing so, you’re able to bring to life both Facebook and Canvs metrics to determine on a whole new level how posts are resonating with fans.
  • Impressions: Users can view their posts total impressions for both organic and paid posts, and total unique impressions for both organic and paid.
  • Video Views: Breakdown of total video views both organic and paid, and total unique video views for both organic and paid.

Cross-Platform Search

In addition to including Facebook metrics to Canvs, we’ve taken our search functionality to a whole new level. Now, you don’t need to go back to the home screen to search for a new series or airing. With Canvs 2.0 Cross-Platform Search, you’re able to search for any type of data (Twitter TV, your Facebook data) from anywhere in the platform. This streamlines navigation between datasets, improves returned results and makes Canvs dramatically faster.


Cross-Platform Compare

At Canvs, we know that no one wants to view data in a vacuum without knowing the context of how your content is performing against a competitors (or even against itself!). With that in mind, we’ve launched a whole new Compare page which empowers users to understand what emotions drive your desired business outcomes across platform.

Now, users are empowered to pick their own success metrics. Our latest Compare page allows users to compare any emotion, Reaction Rate, Reaction Volume, and any other Canvs KPI. You’re also able to dynamically sort the results so you can see what outperformed or underperformed against your prioritized metrics.

Additionally, users can now look at series data across both linear and 24/7, meaning that in-depth analyses like in-season and out of season comparisons, live tune-ins vs OTT discussions, etc. are possible like never before.

Being able to look at series data across linear and 24/7 is only part of what makes this iteration of compare so amazing. Users will now also able to compare across platform, which will add a whole new layer to campaign reporting, making it possible to see, for example, how content performed on YouTube vs Facebook.

Once you have the perfect competitive framework, you can also export the results in PowerPoint presentations, Tableau dashboards, and more.

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