Facebook Live Emotion Analysis Breathes New Life Into Live Production Capabilities

As more and more creators are investing in live content, we’re proud to share that we too are working to empower creators with an in-depth understanding of how their audiences feel.  

One of the most exciting additions to Canvs during 2016 was the addition of Facebook data. Even more recently, we’ve added to this the ability to read any post or video to get minute-by-minute analysis of how people are reacting to live content moment by moment. This, more than anything else, has taken our Facebook Live data to newer and more comprehensive depths.

Now within Canvs, clients are able to breath new life into their Facebook Live capabilities by:

  • Assessing - Determine what audiences love, hate, or just feel unsure about.
  • Analyzing - Get a near-immediate view of livecasts and the moments that drive emotional connections.
  • Adjusting - Stay on the cutting edge of results-driven livecast strategies by adjusting strategies based off what’s working and what's not.

As our clients already know, minute-by-minute analysis empowers producers to determine which talent and segments are resonating most with fans. Have a co-host people are unsure of? Or a funny skit that’s coming across as just plain weird? Now, you can determine the exact moment when the audience shifted from loving your live content to when they became disappointed.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to determine why fans’ feelings are evolving the way they are. If you’re looking to dive deep into these numbers, our latest ‘post analysis export’ enables you to get a minute-by-minute breakdown of the emotions expressed by your audience.

More than that, we know that knowing who exactly is Reacting to your content, especially your live content, is of increasing importance. So, we’ve added a ‘users export’ so clients are empowered to get a full list of everyone who’s engaged.


As one of the most intimate, personal experiences video experiences possible today, there is a pressing need to makes sense of how people are Reacting to Facebook Live video content — and we're proud to be leaders in this area.

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