Updates made to Facebook continuous feed

Several months ago, we announced the availability to analyze Facebook in Canvs. Now, we’re excited to share that we made a massive step forward in making cross-platform measurement feasible by allowing users to associate a particular Facebook page to any given TV series.

Above all else, we’ve made it easier than ever to access the emotional analysis on a Facebook feed by empowering users to be able to authenticate their pages into Canvs for regular, continuous updates on how fans are Emotionally Reacting to each of their posts moving forward.

Canvs’ continuous feed will ingest all public, owned Facebook posts the day after they are posted. Users can now keep a constant eye on audience emotional responses to all owned Facebook posts. These Facebook posts will be updated on a daily basis for the first 48 hours after initial posting, in addition to tracking the owned social footprint for each individual page’s efforts.

At page authentication, users have the option to associate a series specific Facebook page with a TV series. By associating a page with a series, users can download Emotional Drivers Reports. These are the same Emotional Drivers Reports that are available within our Syndicated Twitter product, but the character/talent breakdown will be specific to a post. There’s no need to worry about the numerous ways fans express a character or talents name. Our Emotional Drivers reports automatically populate the different variations, factoring in misspellings and nicknames, and creates a concise breakdown of how talents is being perceived on owned channels.  

Expanding on the ways into the emotional data, Canvs added four views to analyze owned Facebook posts; monthly view, daily view, daily post view, and individual post view. In addition, once a Facebook page is authenticated it will have its own designated thumbnails.

  • MONTHLY VIEW: The monthly view offers a macro look into how any particular owned Facebook page performed on a month by month basis.
  • DAILY VIEW: To dive a little deeper, click into the month of interest and analyze the emotional breakdown on a daily view, breaking down the posts by day. If multiple posts were posted on the same day, click into the day, to view any particular post view (see below), to view the overall emotional conversation surrounding each post. The daily view provides a clear, concise way into that data, easily accesses various authenticated pages.
  • DAILY POST VIEW: In this view, you’re able to determine how multiple posts published on the same day performed as an aggregate.
  • INDIVIDUAL POST VIEW: While in this view, users can analyze a stand alone, individual post. In addition, export options become available in the upper right hand side of the timeline. Upon clicking “Export,” four options appear: Full Export, Volume Over Time, User Export, and Timeline Screenshot. Quick, actionable insights of your owned footprint are now available without having to sift through the dash.

To continue to make our efforts seamless, within the post view of each post, users can update each post by clicking “update post” on the upper left side of the timeline. Posts update automatically every night, but if you’re looking to fill the gap, users can manually update posts within each post view to keep a realtime feed of audience Emotional Reactions.

Not only do you have the ability to track all posts on an ongoing basis from point of authentication onward, but users now can historically backfill previous posts up to 7, 15 or 30 days from authentication. Tracking your emotional footprint on owned channels has never been this easy before, allowing users to trend posts over time. Interested in posts prior to the 30 day backfill? You can now enter in the post ID to pull in any post from that page for emotional processing.

We hope you enjoy leveraging our new product features. For more information, please contact us or call 646-201-9124.