Everywhere You Look, Everywhere You Go, They're Talking About 'Fuller House'

Netflix had no mercy on us. After much anticipation and even more buzz, the Tanner family returned to our screens (and hearts) on Friday, February 26 with Netflix's release of Fuller House. In a gender-180 of the original series, Full House, the new spin-off series revolves around a widowed D.J. Fuller as she raises her three boys with the support of sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy.

Between the emotional pilot episode and its hilarious finale, Fuller House enticed some epic binge-watching behavior. Curious to know how viewers felt about the series, we took to Canvs and analyzed how conversation evolved between the Fuller House pre-premiere and throughout its premiere weekend.

In the first twenty-four hours after its Netflix drop, the family sitcom had inspired 210,483 Emotional Reactions out of 468,932 total Tweets. Love and good Reactions drove 33% and 20% of emotional conversation, respectively, while cried drove 14%.

To say that fans were emotionally reacting to this content would be an understatement. 
Read below for more Fuller House insights, broken down by the series' premiere date, its premiere weekend, and pre-premiere.

Fuller House Premiere Date

Friday, February 26, 5:00AM to Saturday, February 27, 5:00AM

Emotional conversation about Fuller House steadily escalated throughout Friday with significant shifts starting after 6:00PM.

Reactions to Fuller House (Premiere Date)



Love, good, and excited were the top driving emotions from 9AM to 6PM. After 6PM, excited was replaced with cried.

Share of Emotional Reactions to Fuller House
by 3-hour time segments (Premiere Date)

34% Love
31% Excited
12% Good


38% Love
21% Excited
14% Good


37% Love
17% Excited
14% Good


28% Good
28% Love
17% Cried

30% Love
25% Good
22% Cried



General topics like “Fuller House,” “Netflix”, and “binge watch” were the top drivers of emotional conversation from 9AM to 6PM, but as the day progressed, Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) quickly took a stronghold of the conversation.

Out of all the characters in the series, he inspired the most Emotional Reactions; and of all Reactions expressed to Uncle Jesse, 91% of them fell under good. “Wine,” interestingly, also stood out as a top topic within Emotional Reactions after 6PM. While some viewers commented on enjoying the series while drinking wine, others saw Stamos as a “fine wine,” in that he’s only gotten better with age.

Fuller House Premiere weekend Highlights

Friday, February 26, 5:00AM to Monday, February 29, 5:00AM

  • The premiere weekend inspired 347,871 Emotional Reactions out of 803,305 Tweets. Love drove 35%, good drove 21%, and cried drove 15% of emotional conversation.

  • During the premiere weekend, Netflix was mentioned in 25,800 Emotional Reactions. 47% of Reactions mentioning Netflix fell under excited.

  • Over 5,000 Emotional Reactions mentioned reminiscing or feeling nostalgic over the original sitcom.

Fuller House Pre-Premiere Highlights

Sunday, December 6, 2015, to Thursday, February 25, 2016

  • The pre-premiere inspired 105,531 Emotional Reactions out of 566,271 Tweets.

  • Excited Reactions drove the highest share of Fuller House conversation with 51% of total Reactions.

  • Netflix was mentioned in 20,495 Emotional Reactions or almost 20% of total pre-premiere Reactions.

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