Emotional Drivers Report Now in Canvs

We have another feature update we’re excited to chat with you about. We’re so pleased to introduce Emotional Drivers Report. With Emotional Drivers Reports, you can now get an automated and easy way to understand how fans are Emotionally Reacting to characters, talent, and people within each airing.

Find out who gets your fans Emotionally REACTING

This custom export, currently available in the Episode view, provides high level and nuanced insights into how people feel about each character/talent/person within a particular airing.

Specifically, Canvs’s Emotional Drivers Report provides:

  • Emotional Reaction Benchmarks, which show you how much more or less top performing people are being emotionally discussed in comparison to all others
  • Emotional Reaction Breakdowns made to all character/talent/people

Simply speaking, it analyzes what core emotions were most prominent for each person and which people are generating the most Emotional Reactions for each core emotion.

A few examples of insights you can receive:

  • Viewers feel [dislike] 90% more for Crowley than for the average character.
  • Viewers feel [funny] 77% more for Jensen Ackles than for the average talent.
  • Viewers feel [love] -6% less for Mike "The Miz" Mizanin than for the average person.


To start analyzing how fans are Emotionally Reacting to character/talent/people within a particular airing, simply go to any Episode view of your choosing.


Next, click on the “Export” button and select “Emotional Drivers Report.”

In a few moments, your Emotional Drivers Report will arrive to the inbox associated with your Canvs account. Open and start diving in. It’s that simple!

We hope you enjoy leveraging our recent product features.
For more information, please contact us or call 646.201.9124.