An In-Depth Data Analysis of 4sqDay 2012

A few years ago in Florida, a group of avid foursquarers decided to start 4sqDay which now happens every year on 4/16 (4 squared = 16, get it?). The "holiday" has been officially adopted by foursquare and even offers an official 4sqDay badge if you checkin somewhere on 4/16. The mass adoption of 4sqDay by foursquare itself along with several actual cities around the world, has led to local meetups among foursquare users and restaurants and stores offering exclusive one day deals to foursquare users who check-in.

We decided to check-in to conversation surrounding 4sqDay and take a look at what people were saying. We analyzed over 280,000 pieces of data and here is what we found:

User Breakdown

Foursquare announced it has hit the 20 million user milestone.

There were over 235,000 mentions of people unlocking the special 4sqDay 2012 badge which accounted for most of the conversation.

Top 5 Countries

USA: 116,635 mentions Brazil: 11,946 mentions UK: 7,974 mentions Indonesia: 7,340 mentions Japan: 3,521 mentions

Top 5 Meetups

Milano: 376 people attended New York: 138 people attended Jarkarta: 138 people attended San Francisco: 129 people attended Atlanta: 121 people attended


Conversation on Twitter surrounding 4sqDay deals was small with approximately 1% of the conversation about 4sqDay relating to the deals being offered.

Conversation Breakdown: 2012 vs 2011

This year (2012), conversation about 4sqDay increased 75% from the previous year (2011).


We expect to see the upward trend of 4sqDay participation continue as foursquare growth increases and more real city Mayor's proclaim 4/16 4sqDay.