Celebrities Go Social

An artist or celebrity expanding their brand or image can either be really innovative and lucrative, or really lame and a flop. We’ve seen success with brands such as L.A.M.B. created by Gwen Stefani, O Magazine by Oprah and Curious Perfume by Britney Spears. We’ve also witnessed some pretty bad expansions such as Kanye West’s Runway Couture Line DONNA and Jersey Shore’s Snooki’s “A Shore Thing” book that make us all go, HUH? Now, perfumes, clothing lines, books, and magazines are a thing of the past. If you want to connect to your die-hard fans, herd in new members to your personal empire, the online platform seems to be the only way to reach the most people. Here is a preview of a few highly influential people who signed off Facebook and signed on to creating their own platform:

Lady Gaga: Little Monsters

The Queen of Twitter has finally spawned her own child that goes by the name of Little Monsters where everybody can go to talk about one thing: Mother Monster. Lady Gaga has created an invite-only platform that resembles sites like Pinterest and Reddit where users can browse different images, all relating to Gaga. Users can share, comment and vote on different pictures all while having access to some exclusive content from Gaga herself. With such a large and diverse fan base this can be a place for different communities to connect.

Ask for an invite to Little Monsters here: http://littlemonsters.com/

Pharrell: iamOTHER

iamOTHER is an online network that focuses on art of all forms and targets users with creative minds alike. It’s all about being different on this site. In fact, the more unusual you are, the better. iamOTHER uses music, film, television, apparel, tech, and multimedia to let the “others” have a chance to break the mold and the influence others to change the world. Pharrell has recruited an atypical group of people to join his team such as Awkward Black Girl, Nardwuar, Leah LeBelle, Alyssa Brenal, Buddy and Maxine Ashley. For a few good laughs and some pretty interesting content, this site is worth a look.

Check out iamOTHER and it’s featured contributors here: http://iamother.com/

Jermain Dupri: Global 14

Better known as G14, this social media site is for all the hip-hop heads out there who enjoy cars, women, fashion and of course, music. Dupri believes the direction that online sociability is leaning towards “notifying” rather than actual networking. This is a platform more about sharing material and less about talking or an expectation of a response. This site also features about 500 discussion groups on topics from dating and relationships to cooking, education, music and sex. Dupri has taken it upon himself to be there for his new members by actively posting things he finds interesting. Dupri really stresses the point of finding “friends” and people you really connect with and driving traffic to your own personal site. Some celebrities who have gotten on board with Global14 include Mariah Carey, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nelly, Kelly Rowland, Bow Wow, Monica, Anthony Hamilton, and Kevin Hart.

Check out G14 here: http://global14.com/

The platforms created by these figureheads are a brilliant way to take them off of other sites and bring them onto their own. It is ultimately easier to connect with other members who are just like you and the artist or person themselves. Other well known figures have jumped on the website bandwagon such as Zooey Deschanel, Gweneth Paltrow and Glee’s Dianna Agron.

SO will you be signing up for a membership to any of these social networking sites?