CBS's 'American Gothic' Has Fans Feeling 'Afraid'

CBS mystery drama American Gothic debuted on June 22nd to a strong reception from Twitter audiences. The show received a 13-episode straight to series order in October 2015, which follows The Hawthornes, a prominent Boston family as they try to uncover a serial killer in their midst. 32.1% of Emotional Reactions (ERs) to the series premiere expressed ‘love,’ with fans praising the new series.

Reaction Breakdown by Percentage (%)


Following ‘love,’ ‘good’ (15.5%), ‘crazy’ (12.0%), ‘excited’ (11.8%) and ‘afraid’ (10.1%) were the most expressed emotions across American Gothic fans.

During the premiere episode, Emotional Reactions peaked during the last ten minutes of the episode, driven by a spike in ‘good’ Reactions. 14% of total Emotional Reactions were expressed during this period, reflecting viewer satisfaction and anticipation for future episodes.




The American Gothic premiere resonated with its audience; seeing a Reaction Rate of 34.6%. Episode 1 saw a 6.2% higher Reaction Rate than the average CBS program. As a reminder, Reaction Rate refers to the number of Reactions out of total Tweets, expressed as a percentage.




Mystery dramas thrive on their ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, and in this respect, American Gothic succeeded compared to its network competitors. The debut episode drove 106% higher ‘afraid’ Reaction volume than the average CBS program.



American Gothic’s multifaceted characters and spooky plot line caused viewers to express ‘interesting’ during the first episode. Interestingly enough, the premiere inspired 178% higher Reaction volume compared to the average Mystery, Drama on CBS.



As American Gothic is gaining traction within the Mystery, Drama genre, their audience is sticking with them. With only three episodes deep, the CBS series is driving a 26% loyal audience average week over week. Diving into a niche genre, American Gothic continues to drive audience resonance across the board.