Canvs Update: Introducing the New Season Recap View

Introducing Canvs v0.8

We’re thrilled to announce our first major update since launching Canvs in April. Canvs has always provided qualitative social TV analysis on a per-episode basis, allowing you to understand how fans react to TV shows each week. This release expands how you'll be able to use Canvs: with Canvs v0.8 you can now see how reactions trended over the course of an entire season of a TV show. This latest release makes the platform easier to use while allowing you to analyze trends over time.

New Canvs Login Page

New Recap View

See all the reactions to an entire season in a single glance.

New Header Navigation

Access the season recap view from your dashboard or from the new navigation bar on any episode.

Analyze Reactions over Time

Select a reaction category to see how that emotion trended over the course of the season. You can also see the top topics, hashtags, and mentions that drove that reaction.

 Select Multiple Episodes

Select individual episodes or groups of episodes from the season recap view.

New Tooltips

Hover over an individual episode to get high-level insights about how it compares to the season overall.

 Search an Entire Season

The search bar allows you to see how a specific topic, handle, or hashtag trended over the season.


What else is new?

  • New header navigation. The simplified header makes it easy to navigate between series and episodes.
  • Improved tool tips. We've added tooltips that explain certain metrics and terminology.