Canvs, bringing YouTube metrics to life with Emotional Reactions

This week, we’re proud to announce that we are now empowering our clients to analyze YouTube videos using several key YouTube metrics previously unavailable in the platform. The art of understanding how your audience feels about your YouTube videos just got taken to a whole new level. This latest feature release also empowers users to perform true cross-platform analytics for your content on Twitter, Owned Facebook and YouTube.


Now, users will be able to correlate our emotional data with YouTube metrics, by correlating trending emotions to the views and likes, the dislikes and post actions, to name a few. Users will now be able to quickly and at scale determine what videos are over-performing by emotion. These are the YouTube metrics now incorporated into Canvs.

  • # of Videos being looked at
  • # of total views
  • # of likes / dislikes

With the above metrics, users will be able to easily correlate YouTube metrics to emotions on a post-by-post basis.

Accessing the data around a particular video or a set of videos has also become a lot easier. With the implementation of the new “Videos” tab, clients can easily see the video’s share of Emotional Reaction volume for a given period of time.


More important than that, YouTube data will be available in Cross-Platform Search and our latest version of the Compare page, making it easy to find the data you’re looking for and then compare content performance across platform.

In particular, our new capabilities make it that much easier for our clients to strategically monetize programming investments to work harder across promotional channels by testing trailers, teasers, and shortform videos on YouTube and Facebook to validate content, media, and ad strategies.