Canvs Updates: Expanded Benchmarks and Explore Feature

Our latest release  (v 1.1) features updates to the benchmarks in the Context Panel, a beta version of our Explore feature, and an easier way to contact the Canvs team with feedback.

Expanded Benchmarks

We are pleased to announce that the Context Panel now includes emotional benchmarks as well as volume and reaction rate benchmarks.  These new benchmarks compare each emotion in an episode to the Canvs averages for that emotion across the current season, entire series, network, and daypart. You'll find emotional benchmarks in the Context Panel in the upper right of the Canvs episode view.

Beta Explore Feature

Currently in beta, the Explore feature allows you to search for keywords across all Canvs datasets. Navigate to "Explore" in the upper menu bar from any Canvs page to access. Enter your terms into the search bar at the top of the screen. You will then see top line results for your term across all episodes in Canvs, including an emotional count breakdown and sample reactions.


Canvs also allows you to see details on specific emotions for your search term. To do this, use the search filter to select or enter the emotion you'd like to see. Canvs will then return the emotion count for the term as well as sample reactions.


Finally, the beta Explore feature can take you directly to episodes where your search term inspired reactions. Navigate to the "Everything" menu on the left side of the screen. You'll then see the networks where your term was mentioned. Select the network you want, and then choose the series you'd like to analyze. After selecting the series, you can select the season and episode you want to view. Canvs will then launch a new browser tab that shows mentions of your search term in the episode view.

Please remember Explore is in beta. Accordingly, you may experience issues like slow load times when using it.  We've released this beta version to gather feedback from clients so we can learn how to make this feature as useful as possible.  We encourage all Canvs clients to share feedback about Explore (or anything else) with their account manager or by using the feedback button.