24/7 data is now available in Canvs

We are so excited to share that Canvs 2.0 — our first, biggest and most important step towards consistent measurement of emotion across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube — is now available.

What is Canvs 2.0 and what makes it so awesome? Canvs 2.0 offers users more of what clients love most about the current version of Canvs, including 24/7 data, a new series page view, and a whole new processing (more information on these features below).

With Canvs 2.0, if fans are Emotionally Reacting to your show and its content on social media — regardless of the date and time — we’re able to track it. 

We know you’re anxious to know all the details of what makes up Canvs 2.0, so let’s dive in.

  • 24/7 Data* - Canvs will now process all new series six weeks from premiere, 24/7. This six weeks is inclusive of select tentpole events. 


  • New Series Page View - We’ve designed a brand new view to better explore 24/7 data. We’ve unified our airing-level and season recap pages into one view, while also giving you the ability to still filter down to the linear airtime window. We’ve also updated our emotional breakdown visualization to better showcase nuances in emotional conversation.


  • New Processing - 24/7 means more data, so we’ve rethought our data processing pipeline to get you results faster than ever before. Thanks to our latest changes, Canvs 2.0 is 75% faster than its predecessor meaning clients are able to receive their insights earlier than ever before.


  • More Platforms - Because we’re able to analyze more data than ever, Canvs is able to take a deep dive into Facebook, YouTube data — and any other source in the future. With the ingestion of new and varied platforms, it makes the possibility for cross-platform measurement all the more possible.

It’s no secret that the past few years have been a disruptive time in the history of entertainment.  People are Emotionally Reacting to television content around the clock — and we heard you when you told us that you are curious to know how people feel about your content when it’s not on the air. 

Curious what is happening next? While Canvs 2.0 is available now, many of your favorite features are still on their way. Here’s our latest rollout strategy:

  • Emotional Drivers Reports — End of May

  • Audience Insights — End of June

  • Email Reports — Mid-June

  • Benchmarks — End of June

    Important Note: Between now and the middle of the summer, you will have access to Canvs 2.0 and the previous version. This will allow you time to adjust to become acclimated to our new features and adjust your workflow.

    Canvs 2.0 will be the exclusive view in the platform in mid-summer 2016.

    *Canvs receives its Twitter data from Nielsen, which measures Twitter activity for original series programs and select specials from TV and over-the-top streaming providers on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis. Twitter activity for new linear TV episodes, including series, specials and sports events is measured from three hours through three hours after broadcast, local time.

    We hope you enjoy leveraging our recent product features.

    For more information, please contact us or call 646.201.9124.