A bio is worth a thousand followers.

A bio on Twitter is worth a thousand followers. No, really.

Whenever Twitter starts to tell me that my tweet is too long, I start to feel like it’s saying “You’re tweet is not clever enough to be posted. Try again.” 140 characters is not that much space to get your thoughts out, reply to a friend, or comment on the latest trending topic (#tigerblood anyone?). The truth is, you are forced to be direct and concise in Twitter. The same goes for your bio. No one wants (nor do they have the time) to read paragraphs of all of everything you love. Humans have a short attention span and the large success of Twitter is tribute to that.

As it turns out, we follow others on Twitter not because they are interesting, but because they somehow serve us or make our lives better.  I follow a comedian because he makes me laugh or a music blog because it supplies me with exclusive downloads of artists that may not be on iTunes.

This means that your Twitter bio is one of the the first ways in which I'll discover how 'helpful' your tweets will ultimately be to me, and therefore if I'll follow.  In fact, from December 2009 to December 2010, the number of registered users with a biography listed on Twitter increased from 31 percent to 69 percent (source: pew).

Here are the top 5 tips to make your profile bio more interesting, intriguing, and follow-worthy:

1. What’s in a name? A lot. Make sure to include key Twitter words in your bio. ex. Instead of “CTO” say “Content strategist.” Another easy tip is to add “Guy” or “Girl” or “-ista” to the end of your twitter handle. i.e. Social Media Girl. Barista.

2. “Likes This” won’t work. This isn’t Facebook where a simple thumbs up means that you’re a fan.  For everything that you love, it’s fun to add key words like “junkie” “enthusiast” or “addict." ex. Social Media Junkie and Nap enthusiast.

3. Born This Way. There is no one else like you. Use this to your advantage and point out something unique or exciting. Do you take flying lessons? Write 'Captain' in your bio. Do you play guitar like a pro? 'Jimi Hendrix in training.

4. Be Cheeky. You are not a groupie, but a Band-Aid (Right, Penny Lane?)

5. Put yourself in there. There is nothing like self-promotion so if you have a blog or personal page, always include the link. Because tweets are such short-form content, an engaged audience will interested in visiting your links to learn more about you.

Just remember, infuse yourself into your bio. And in this day and age of short attention spans, less is more.

Tell us about your new and improved bio by introducing yourself via Twitter - we’d love to hear what you’ve come up with: @mashwork!