6 Ways to Improve Your Klout Score

Klout is a website that measures how influential you are across social media. Although a high Klout score may be partially a vanity thing, it is a great indicator about how you are truly performing on social media. Here are six tips on increasing your Klout score, and in turn, getting better at social media:

1. Connect all of your social media platforms Connecting all of your platforms will expand your “network”, one of the major influences of your Klout score.

2. Be active Being active and Tweeting/posting often will contribute to your Klout score in many capacities. Vacationing from posting for even a few days can cause a decrease in your score.

3. Engage with influencers Engaging with influencers and those who have higher Klout scores than you, will contribute to raising your Klout Score. This is not to say that you should be trying to converse with Kim Kardashian, but someone a bit more socially obtainable.

4. Create content Creating content does not immediately affect your Klout score, but what it will do is give people a more predominant reason to follow and interact with your content. It makes you more of an ‘authority’ on your industry or interests.

5. Find a niche Tweeting often about a specific topic will not only make you “influential” about the particular topic on Klout, but like creating content, being niche will make you more of an “authority” and more desirable to follow.

6. Avoid spammers & bots Following low influence users on Twitter such as spammers and bots can hurt your Klout score. You may be following these people if you use auto-follow programs such as TweetAdder. Although the perception may be that these programs are beneficial to your score because they may increase your following, they have the equal opportunity to injure your score.