Lost Remote Partnership & 24's Social Return

We're excited to announce a partnership with leading social TV blog, Lost Remote.  

Every week, we'll be using Canvs to analyze a highly social TV show. The analysis will be published on Lost Remote alongside an infographic created by our talented Mashwork designers.

Our first installment focuses on the highly anticipated return of 24:Live Another Day on Fox. The two-episode premiere aired on May 5 to healthy social buzz. During airtime and in the three hours before and after, we saw more than 138,000 Tweets about 24. Of those Tweets, we found 35,000 reactions--Tweets that contained an emotional response to the show. Using Canvs analysis we found that people were overwhelmingly excited for the premiere. Only 8% said they disliked something about the episode. The biggest moment in the show occurred when 24's signature clock started ticking at the beginning of the episode. People were very happy that Jack Bauer and crew were back.

We also used Canvs to learn about the 24: Live Another Day audience. Around 80% of the emotionally engaged audience was under 30 years old, which is younger than we expected, especially considering the show premiered nearly 13 years ago in 2001. Check out our infographic below and make sure to head over to Lost Remote for more analysis.