Ken Bone Among Top Topics Drivers During Sunday’s Debate

The second presidential debate, held on October 9th, incurred a bit of interesting reactions not only to the two candidates, but also to other facets. According to Canvs, the second presidential debate generated 3,197,917 Emotional Reactions out of more than 13M Tweets. Amongst these vast number of Reactions, many viewers seemed to be enamored by the unassuming man in a red sweater, Ken Bone.

Whether it’s because of the red sweater, his energy question, or his disposable camera, undecided voter Ken Bone caused an internet sensation during and after the debate. Out of 2,812 total Emotional Reactions about Ken Bone, 42.2% of Reactions expressed love, according to Nielsen Twitter data compiled by Canvs.

The virility of his moment on national TV was taken to the next level when his Twitter account was been bombarded with over 218K new followers, a dramatic increase from 7 followers he originally had.

Emotional Breakdown of Moderators

Curious how viewers reacted to other aspects of the “presidential showdowns” this election season? Check out how viewers Reacted to the moderators of the first town hall and the first two presidential debates in the infographic below, originally posted on The Hollywood Reporter.

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