Internet Stars Shine at 2014 Teen Choice Awards

We were prepared for a massive outpouring of Twitter love for boy bands like One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer during the Teen Choice Awards, but we had no idea that the true winners of the night would be Internet stars.  Viners and Vloggers dominated the Teen Choice Awards this year. Our collaboration for Lost Remote this week focuses on Twitter reactions to the Teen Choice Awards, which aired on Sunday, August 10. We used Canvs to analyze the awards and found that  Cameron Dallas, who won "Choice Viner," garnered the most Twitter reactions (tweets containing an emotion) of anyone at the awards. His Twitter handle (@camerondallas) was mentioned 196,061 times in the window around the show. That number accounts for 12.6% of all reactions to the ceremony.

For context, 5 Seconds of Summer, the boy band that dominated the Billboard awards, was only mentioned in 64,496 reactions. Even more surprising, Dallas was reacted to 5.4 times more than One Direction, whose fans won the "Choice Web: Fanatic Fans" award for their devotion to the boy band.

Dallas wasn't the only Internet star to dominate the Teen Choice Awards. "Choice Viner" runner-up Matt Espinosa (@themattespinosa) was mentioned in 7.6% (119,103 reactions) of total reactions.

YouTube also made a strong showing. Activist and vlogger Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley) was mentioned in 4.7% of all reactions. The 72,722 reactions he inspired dwarfed the 39,950 reactions Ariana Grande received. Further, though they both took home awards, Oakley's fans were more supportive: 23.9% of Tyler Oakley reactions expressed "proud" while only 5.6% of Grande's fans expressed the same emotion.

If we've learned anything from the Teen Choice Awards, it's that Internet fame is worth paying attention to. If we've learned two things-- teens are always one step ahead of us. By the time you read this, they'll already be on to the next thing.

This week's graphic takes a look at overall reactions to the Teen Choice Awards and sheds some light on the real differences between One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer fans. Teen Choice Awards