An Aussie Boy Band Crushed the 2014 Billboard Awards

An Aussie Boy Band Crushed the 2014 Billboard Awards The 2014 Billboard Awards featured many of the biggest names in music today with its impressive showcase of presenters and live performers. Names like Pitbull and Katy Perry and One Republic were among the mega acts that took to the stage. Not surprisingly, Social TV behavior was rampant with 3.8M tweets posted by award show viewers between 8pm and 11pm EST. The official hashtag, #bbmas, saw a whopping 722,000 uses, per Nielsen. Emotions ran high throughout the evening, with 37% of tweets containing an emotion of some kind. That Reaction Rate, by the way, outperformed the current Canvs norm of 29%.

Billboard Reaction Overview

Among the 18 performers who drove emotional engagement, one emerged as the clear favorite and my bet is that you've never heard of them. Well, unless you're a 16 year old girl that is. Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer [aka 5SOS] dominated 2014 Billboard Awards discussion, accounting for nearly 1M Reactions all by their lonesome. Impressive as that number may be on its own, it becomes mind shattering when you realize it represents 77% of all Reactions recorded. Put another way, 9 of the top 20 trending topics that were driving emotional engagement throughout the show were related to 5SOS. Lead singer Luke Hemmings, for instance, was mentioned second most by adoring fans, behind the band itself.

Since we were unaware of the 5SOS phenomenon before this analysis, we wanted to get to know their fans better. We looked at a sample of nearly 20,000 unique authors who reacted to 5SOS to learn more about them. Turns out 92.4% of them are female. This is even higher than the 81.5% of the general Billboard Awards 2014 audience that was female. 5SOS fans were also very young, with an average age of just 16 years old. 5SOS fans also follow other teen idols on Twitter. 5SOS fans were far more likely than the Twitter average to follow singer and Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande, Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale, and Glee star Lea Michele.

If we learned one thing from the 2014 Billboard Awards it's that 5 Seconds of Summer are a band to watch, if only to activate their army of dedicated fans.


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