Canvs prototype sketch, 2010

Canvs prototype sketch, 2010

Canvs is the industry standard in measuring emotion. The company uses patented semantic analysis technology to understand how people feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact created for brands, agencies, and media companies.

Organizations including Comcast, Fox, Turner and Netflix use Canvs daily to create research efficiencies, unlock authentic marketing opportunities and increase revenue by enabling emotions to be used as a currency in media transactions.

Canvs was recently named to the ARF A List, recognizing the most innovative companies in measurement. The company is also an official Facebook Media Solutions partner and has a strategic relationship with Nielsen as the sole provider of qualitative insights.


Recent Honors


In January 2017, Founder & CEO Jared Feldman was named to Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2017.

Canvs was named to the ARF A-List Innovators List, a list of innovative startups handpicked by industry research executives, in early 2017. 

Core Beliefs


We believe marketers and researchers need context: social data becomes more powerful within the context of conversations. Canvs helps you understand the content of conversations as well as the emotions behind them.


We believe that understanding how audiences emotionally relate to
 content is the first step in building a meaningful relationship with them. Canvs is the first language analytics software to tell you about how people feel about content at scale. 


We believe that the way people talk online is much more complex than the untrained eye can determine. Canvs reveals the complex emotions people express to give you sophisticated insights into your content.



Jared Feldman,
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Canvs, Jared Feldman is a digital entrepreneur and Social TV thought leader dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social media insight. 

Sam Hui Canvs

Sam Hui, PhD,
Chief Scientist

With a focus on developing new methodology and research applications, Professor Sam Hui has made significant contributions to the field of marketing science. Professor Hui is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston Bauer College of Business. 

Stuart Schwartzapfel Canvs

Stuart Schwartzapfel
Head of Sales


George Kontos
VP of Engineering




Dan Beltramo
Technology & Marketing Executive and Start-up Advisor

Michoel Ogince
Founding Partner at
Windforce Ventures

Stephen Gatfield
Marcoms Strategist & Investor

Shaula Yemini
Principal at SAY Ventures


David Beck
Co-Founder at BRaVe Ventures


Jesse Redniss
Co-Founder at BRaVe Ventures

Greg Battle
Principal at Applico