How to Measure Social TV Trends in Canvs

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  1. To start, click on the “Explore” tab in the upper left of any page in Canvs.

  2. You can use Explore to search across all Reactions to Social TV as captured by Canvs. Additionally, you can use the search bar in the top to search for any Reactions that match your query. You can also leave the search blank, which will return all Reactions that match the criteria of your filters.

  3. Below there are 3 filters that you can use to narrow your searches:

    • On the right is a date range filter. This lets you define the time range of your search. Click the dropdown and select one of our preset ranges, or add a custom range yourself with our date picker tool. 

    • In the middle you see the “Networks” filter. This filter lets you limit your search to specific networks. Like the “Emotions” filter, you can leave “Networks” blank to search across all networks.

    • On the far left you see the “Emotions” filter. You can use this to limit your search to only look at certain kinds of Reactions, like only Love or just Funny and Excited. You can also leave this blank to search across all emotions.

    • Please note: Unlike Canvs’s other filters, you must define a date range to perform a search in Explore.

  4. Here, we've set up how to see which broadcast networks are driving the most Reactions across Fall TV to date of recording (December 2, 2015): 

    • First, define your date range. Click the date picker dropdown and set the start date to August 20, 2015, and leave the end date as December 2. Click “confirm” and the date range will be set. Explore will now return all Reactions that occurred within this date range.

    • Next, click the “Networks” filter dropdown. Since we want to only look at broadcast networks, add ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW to this filter. And since we want to analyze all Reactions to these networks during the Fall TV season, we'll leave the “Emotions” filter blank so Explore returns everything.

    • Lastly, leave the top-level search bar blank. This will return all Reactions to any airing on the 5 selected networks.

  5. Hit the green “Search” button on the upper right.

  6. Once the search has run, you can see the total number of Reactions matching the search results.

  7. Insight: We see that there were more than 20 million Reactions to programming on the broadcast networks across the Fall TV season to date.

  8. On the lower left side of the page, Canvs shows you each network’s share of this conversation.

  9. To see the series driving this conversation, click on the “Series” tab. Canvs now shows you a ranked list of series, based on what share of total fall TV Reactions each drove. Since Explore is measuring all aggregate Reactions for each series, it’s important to note that series with more airings may see higher volume.

  10. If we want to see the specific airing that drove the most Reactions, we can click the “Airings” tab to see a ranked list.

  11. Insight: Doing this, we see that the final game of this year’s World Series drove the most Reactions out of all airings within our search. 

  12. We can also see the most Reacted to Genres by clicking on the “Genres” tab.

  13. Insight: Doing this, we see that, despite the World Series being the most Reacted-to airing, Football as a genre drives 47% of all Reactions this Fall TV season.

  14. On the lower right side of the page, Canvs shows you what emotions were driving these 20 million Reactions.

  15. Looking at this breakdown, we see that love has driven 25.8% of all Reactions to broadcast network airings. Good drove 10%, excited 7.5%, and so on.

  16. You can also use the search bar to look for specific words, phrases, and behaviors. This could be anything from a plot point to how much conversation a brand is driving.

  17. As an example, let’s look for the show with the most conversation around its villains. All I need to do is create a basic search. In this case, I’m searching for any Reactions that match Villain or Villains.

  18. Let’s keep the same filters and date range as before. Let’s just click "enter" to look at the broadcast networks driving the most conversation about its’ villains.

  19. Insight: We see that there have been 6,863 Reactions during the Fall TV season so far that have talked about villains on broadcast networks.

  20. Looking at the “Networks” tab, we see that there’s been a pretty significant reordering.

  21. Clicking on the “Series” tab, we see that there’s a very different roster of shows.

  22. And if we click the “Genre” tab, it’s not surprising to find that the genre driving the most discussion around villains are dramas.


Explore is one of our most powerful features that can help you craft stories that showcase the unique strengths of your programming. We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about this video, or want help creating benchmarks for yourself, reach out to us through our in-app chat platform, or reach out directly. Happy Canvsing!