How to Measure a Branded Integration in Canvs

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Example Airing: Empire, Season 2 - Episode 8

  1. To start, enter the search terms for the integration you want to measure in this particular airing.
  2. To make sure you’re getting the conversation around the brand, it’s best to make sure you include their name, their Twitter handle, and any relevant marketing hashtags.

  3. Canvs requires that you specify both the @handle and the hashtag versions of the terms you want to search for.

  4. Once you feel comfortable with your search terms, hit “enter."

  5. The Reactions and total Tweets now reflect how many Tweets match our branded integration search.

  6. Canvs’s emotional breakdown resizes to show how people discussing Empire feel about Pepsi’s integration.

  7. Analyzing this data, we see that there were over 1,000 Reactions to this airing.

  8. Opening the benchmarks tab on the top right, we see that roughly 1.3% of all emotional conversation occurred during this airing.
  9. We can also see that the two most common Reactions to this integration were love and excited.
  10. If you want to remove Retweets and just focus on original Reactions, head over to the top left of the screen to the “Filters” tab and click the option “Hide Retweets.” 

  11. Now we can see only original Tweets and Reactions. Looking at the topic bar, we see that “Jamal” is the second most common topic, second only to “Pepsi” within emotional discussion.

  12. If we click onto “Jamal,” we can see exactly what fans are saying about the Pepsi integration plot point. It looks like most of this conversation about praise for the song he wrote for Pepsi.

And that's it! If you have any questions about this video, or want help performing a similar analysis around an integration, reach out to us through our in-app chat platform, or reach out to us directly. Happy Canvsing!