How to Analyze Characters or Talent in Canvs

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Example Airing: Empire, Season 2 - Episode 1

  1. To start, you can use Canvs’s Moments feature to see if any major moments of emotionality correlated with conversation about characters. Highlighting the end moment, we see that love spiked about Cookie as well as annoying about Jamal.
  2. If we want to drill down into specific audience Reactions that mention these characters, we can use the Canvs search filter.

  3. Start by writing some simple Boolean terms in the search filter: Cookie OR #Cookie

  4. The Canvs page now displays Reactions that mention Cookie, reflected in the timeline and changes in the emotional breakdown.

  5. We see that 38% of Reactions that mention Cookie express love. And at the same time, 18% of Reactions about Cookie express annoying.

  6. To compare this with Jamal, enter some simple Boolean terms for him: Jamal OR #Jamal

  7. We see comparatively that annoying is significantly higher about Jamal, indicating that they find his character more repulsive in this first episode of the season.

  8. We can also perform this same approach to understand talent. Chris Rock had a cameo in this episode, so let’s explore how audience members feel about him.

  9. Since we’re dealing with real-life talent, try to include his Twitter handle as well, since many people refer to talent in that way: @ChrisRock OR "Chris Rock"

  10. We see that conversation shifts dramatically into funny. This suggest from reading the Reactions that most audience members didn’t think his character was particularly scary.

  11. We hope you find this video helpful. If you have any questions, or need any help performing a character or a talent analysis yourself, you can reach out to us directly.