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UsE Canvs to generate advanced emotional rankers for media buying optimization

A major media agency representing a makeup brand wanted to position themselves in front of the women 18-49 demographic while associating themselves with beautiful conversation on social media. In order to do so, the media agency used Canvs to determine where emotional conversation for beautiful lived. By looking in Canvs’s Explore feature and its emotional ranker, this major media agency was able to look at beautiful conversation across a predefined set of cable channels. The cable networks they analyzed traditionally skewed female and included Bravo, Oxygen, E!, and Lifetime. Because of this information, this major media agency was able to determine which networks (and series) would be strategic buys for this major makeup brand.

Key findings

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Among the predefined networks, beautiful conversation lived most within E!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Logo

Within E! series analyzed, beautiful was most associated with Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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Bravo had the second most beautiful Reactions during the pre-determined time period, driven primarily by its Real Housewives franchise.



Emotional rankers offer an “at a glance” way of understanding how an audience feels about a particular network, campaign, or set of airings.  These rankers can also offer insights into the different emotions prominent within a particular audience set. By understanding how emotions are ranked for a particular set of data, a major media agency is able to make more educated buys based off the kinds of emotions that resonate within a particular audience set or brand/product.

Objectives Icon


  • Tap into the emotion graph on social media to seek an accurate campaign target for a paid media buy.
  • Use innovative filtering methods to arrive at a highly curated and highly qualified targeting base.

  • Compare the results to provide the additional context necessary to create and implement future media buys with an emotional investment.


  • Search across Canvs’s Explore feature with beautiful Reactions prioritized.
  • Analyze the ranking of the predefined networks in terms of where beautiful conversation lives most.
  • Executive the Canvs-powered buy within the networks where beautiful conversation resonates the most.