Recap View

The Canvs Recap view allows you to see how Reactions to a TV show trended over the course of a season.


Accessing Recap View

Recap view can be accessed from three different ways: the "Season Recap" link appearing at the end of the airing's information; the "Recap" button from the Episode drop down menu; and from each respective series' Series Page. 


Searching and Filtering in Recap

The Recap view functions like the Episode view, meaning you can create searches and filter emotions, topics, hashtags, mentions, and authors, but it spans across an entire season as opposed to a singular airing. The Top Drivers and Reactions (verbatims) will display the same as they would in the Episode view. 


Audience Tab

As with Episode view, too, the Audience Tab in Recap view gives you insight into your audience. Overall and per emotion, the Audience tab in Recap view features:

  • Total number of Unique Reacting Authors
  • Reactions per author
  • Loyal audience average
  • Authors with the most Reactions
  • Authors with the most Twitter followers
  • % of audience overlap 

To access, simply click on the tab labeled "Audience" found above the search bar.

Recap View Timeline

Like the Episode view timeline, the Recap view allows you to focus on specific periods. The emotional clusters; the Top Drivers; and the Reactions (verbatims) adjust to your selections.


For Benchmarking in Recap view see Benchmarks.