Home Page

Home Screen

Once logging into Canvs, the home page will be the first thing you will see. From here, you can go to the Compare page, Open Global Search, select your favorites, unfavorite your favorites, access your user menu, and info menu.

Start Favoriting

When you have no favorites, a button will be displayed saying 'Start Favoriting.' Clicking on that will open up the Global Search from here you can click on the Star icon next to the Show/Page/Channel/Playlist to favorite.


After favoriting, you can sort your favorites by clicking on the filters which will sort your favorites by source. You can also unfavorite by clicking on the orange star on the upper right corner of the favorite.



On the upper left corner, you can see your name along with key information. When hovering over your information, a dropdown will appear with: 


User Guides - This links to the User Guide page where you can learn more about how to use Canvs.

How To Videos - This links to the How-To library where you can see videos on how to use Canvs to help with reporting and videos on how to use some of our technical features.

Case Studies - This links to our Case Studies where you can read more on how Canvs helps users make more educated business deicions by understanding how your audience feels.

When hovering over your name, a dropdown will appear with:


My Account - This links to your Profile Page

Owned Facebook Data - This links you to your profile page with your Facebook Tab selected where you can authorize pages or Unsubscribe to the ones you already authorized.

YouTube Data - This links you to your profile page with your YouTube Tab selected. Here, you can authorize Channels/Plays or Unsubscribe to the ones you already authorized.

Landscape Reports - This links you to our Landscape page where you can download our Landscape Reports.

Sign Out - This will sign you out of Canvs.