Facebook Authorization

You can authorize Facebook pages/post by mousing over the User Navigation and clicking on Owned Facebook Data. This will bring you to your organization’s YouTube profile page.

You can then click on 'Authorize More Pages' to start your authorization process.

Once clicked, it will bring you to the beginning of our authorization page, where Canvs will ask you for permission to pull data from your Facebook Page for analysis.

Remember that your Facebook Account needs to have admin access to the Facebook Page you want to analyze in order for Canvs to be able to access it.

You can choose from the dropdown list the pages that you want Canvs to analyze for you.

Once the page is selected you can choose to:

  • Track Individual posts or
  • Authorize the entire Page

How to start Authorizing

For Individual Posts

  • Enter Post ID    

You can enter the post ID of the individual post you want Canvs to use by going to the post, clicking on the TimeStamp and then copying the ID from the URL (Note: You need at least 1 comment to use this method)

Once entered you have the option to associate the Facebook post with a TV series.

  • Select individual post

You can select a specific post from the dropdown list within the last 30 days.

Once selected you have the option to associate the Facebook post with a TV series.

To Authorize the Whole Page

You just need to click 'Authorize for Continuous Feed.'

Once clicked you will be able to choose to historical backfill, this means that you can choose to go back either 7, 15, or 30 days from the day you authorize your Facebook Page, and we will ingest that data also.

You can also associate the Facebook page with a TV series.