Explore allows you to search for keywords across all Canvs datasets. 


To access Explore, simply click on the "Explore" button found in the platform's main navigation.


Exploring TOP Drivers & Emotions

With or without search terms, you can use Explore to understand top drivers of Reactions across networks, series, airings, and genres, as well as the Emotions measured.


Simply tab between the top drivers to understand what drove the most Reactions.


Searching in Explore

You can use Explore to search for keywords across all Canvs Reactions. To search, enter your terms into the search bar. Use the Date Rage selector to choose from convenient standard date ranges or to set your own. Additionally, you can use the Brands & Products, Emotions, and/or Networks drop down filters to modify your search results further. Hit "enter" or the magnifying glass to populate your results. For helpful tips on how to maximize your search results, please visit our How to use Boolean in Canvs tutorial.


Target Audiences

The Target Audiences feature in Canvs lets you easily build custom audience segments of up to 1,000 users so you can make sense of a particular audience’s emotional resonance to content in comparison to the reacting audience at large. With any particular date parameters, apply your Target Audience in Explore, hit "search," and see their:

  • Total number of Reactions
  • Top Networks, Series, Airings, and Genres
  • Top Emotions expressed
  • Reactions (sampling)

Building a Target Audience

To create your own Target Audience, simply go to your Profile Tab on the top right corner of the screen and select “Target Audiences” from the dropdown menu. Select “Create Audience.” A new window appears where you can name your audience and paste your user handles (or upload a .CSV file). You can also write a brief description about your audience for additional context.

The “Sharing” toggle allows you to select if your list will be “Private,” which means it can only be viewed by you; “Shared,” which is visible with your team; or “Global,” which becomes visible to all Canvs users. Once finished, click “Save” and you’re all set to start exploring your Target Audience.


If you don’t have time to build a custom audience, you can click on “Save Target Audience” from the “Save” drop down menu to quickly create an audience segment based on whatever search parameters you create. Canvs will select up to 1,000 users for your list.


Searching in Explore with your Target Audience

To search across all of Canvs for Reactions expressed by your Target Audience, begin by clicking on the "Target Audiences" button to the right of the search bar. From the new window that appears, select your desired audience. Canvs will then automatically populate the search results.


Exporting in Explore

The Export tool allows you to export data in Comma Separated Value (.CSV) format. The "Full Export" feature exports all of the data you see in the Explore dashboard, meaning that it can export the top Networks, Series, Airings, Genres, Emotions, and Reaction Samples of any search results populated from the parameters you create. Similarly, the "Users Export" feature exports a list of up to 1,000 users whose Reactions are populated from any search parameters.