Compare View

The Canvs compare view gives you the ability to compare Emotional Reaction data across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Within the Compare view you are able to compare up to 20 sets at a time.

Accessing Compare

The compare view can be accessed from the upper left of the navigation bar in any Canvs page. To choose episodes for comparison, select them from the drop down menu or by typing into the episode bar.

You can also access the Compare page by clicking on "Quick Compare" within the series page view. Keep in mind that accessing it from there will have the view of whatever you were previously viewing.


Adding Shows

In order to add airings, posts or videos to Compare, type within the search bar the content you wish to compare. For Twitter TV data, you can search by show or episode title. For Facebook, you can search by page or by post title. For YouTube, you can search by channel, playlist or video title.

Once a piece of content is selected, the date selector will open. The data selector, located on the left side, will contain show, page, channel, playlist title information.

For Twitter TV data, you will be able to select a season or episode that you would like to compare. You can also choose your own time range. For our Facebook or YouTube products, the date pickers will allow you to choose your own time range.

Using Compare

Once items are added to Compare, the following 8 emotional metrics are preset to appear, including: Reaction Volume, Reaction Rate, Love, Hate, Enjoy, Excited, Beautiful, and Crazy.

You can also add more metrics below.

You can see the average of the content you added, the total amount of Emotional Reactions, and sort them by any metric.

To remove any piece of content from the Compare page, just hover over its row and click the X.


Reaction metrics within Compare allow you to add even more emotions to compare. Add in one of our Emotions by typing in the emotion or by scrolling. You are also able to add in any of our 4 Reaction metrics. Once the new metrics are applied, you can scroll sideways to see all the emotions.


Want to dive deep on these numbers? In Compare, you're able to Export the emotional analysis you're viewing into an excel xlsx file.