Benchmarks Panel

The Benchmarks panel is available via the Benchmarks tab, found on the top right corner of the dashboard in Episode and Season Recap views. Benchmarks are fully customizable and allow for endless combinations. You can gain granular understanding over the benchmarks that matter most, whether they span across series, seasons, networks, genres, or dayparts.

For example, you can compare an episode or season to:

  • Its overall series (default benchmark)
  • Particular seasons from the same series or any other series that Canvs has tracked
  • The same network or any other network 
  • The same daypart or any other daypart
  • The same genre or any other genre

To add a custom benchmark, simply click on the “Add Benchmark” button, select a “Benchmark Type” via the drop down menu, set your parameters, and click “Save.” Repeat the process to add additional custom benchmarks.


Please note that Reaction benchmarks are based on Canvs data as of 1/1/14 and series premieres may display 0% on the default benchmark as no historical data exists. 

Search Terms

The Benchmarks panel also provides information about search terms. Type your term(s) into the search bar and the Benchmarks panel will tell you what percentage of Reactions and Tweets your search term(s) inspired.