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Canvs API overview

You don't have to be a programmer to get value from our API offerings.


Get a full emotion analysis of any page from any source in Canvs.
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The Content API delivers a detailed analysis of a Facebook post, Twitter TV airing, or YouTube video. Within our Content API, you will be able to explore our data and pull linear airings, linear recaps, or 24/7 analyses.

Use the Content API to:

Understand what moments resonated most with fans
Learn how are people feeling about a show or product over time
Explore what content types resonated with fans over a prolonged period



Get a snapshot of a particular piece of information or piece of data.


The Landscape API is a way for you to explore aggregated results from our Twitter TV, owned Facebook, and YouTube products. For our Twitter TV product, the results can be aggregated by networks, series, genres, or daypart. For our owned Facebook and YouTube products, results are
aggregated by page, channel, or playlist.

Use the Landscape API to:

Determine what is emotionally trending across Twitter TV
Prioritize buying decisions with Emotional Reactions
Discover what people are Emotionally Reacting to across your Facebook page


Custom Ingestion API

Analyze custom text with Canvs

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The Custom Ingestion API provides source-agnostic Canvs emotion analytics for 3rd party, text-based data. Send the Custom Ingestion API a text-based data file, and Canvs will use its proprietary technology to return an export of its Emotional Breakdown.

Not limited to Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube analysis.
Give us ANY text export and we'll give you the Emotional Breakdown.


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