About Canvs

Canvs prototype sketch, 2010

Canvs prototype sketch, 2010

Developed by Mashwork, an industry-leading social media insights firm, Canvs is the only qualitative social TV platform to provide nuanced insights into audience behavior at scale. Analyzing Twitter TV conversation as captured by Nielsen, Canvs is becoming an industry standard for qualitative social TV insights, informing social media strategy for television marketing, research, production, and ad sales.

Built using social media listening research from MSI Young Marketing Scholar, Professor Sam Hui, PhD, as well as real-world analyst experience, Canvs has been featured in a number of leading publications including The Wall Street JournalVarietyThe Atlantic, The LA Times, CNBC.com, Mashable and Ad Week's Lost Remote.


Origin Story

Jared Feldman and Sam Hui, Ph.D at the 2014 Canvs launch

Jared Feldman and Sam Hui, Ph.D at the 2014 Canvs launch

As a reverse-mentor during his undergraduate program at New York University, Canvs founder Jared Feldman identified a huge gap between the questions people had and the tools available to answer them: none of the tools on the market were capable of providing insight and context instead of raw, complicated data. 

Feldman partnered with well-respected marketing scientist and MSI Young Marketing Scholar, Professor Hui, who was at the time Assistant Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business. The two united to establish New York-based firm Mashwork, a company that focused on providing insights to television and entertainment clients while developing its insights software Canvs. Canvs launched in public beta in April 2014 and version 1.0 was released in December 2014. The Canvs team is based in New York City. 

Core Beliefs


We believe social marketers and researchers need context: social data becomes more powerful within the context of conversations. Canvs helps you understand the content of conversations as well as the emotions behind them.


We believe that understanding how audiences emotionally relate to
 content is the first step in building a meaningful relationship with them. Canvs is the first social TV software
 to tell you about how audiences feel about content at scale. 


We believe that entertainment
 content is much more complex than
 the positive, negative, and neutral sentiment other platforms give you. Canvs reveals the complex emotions people express to give you sophisticated insights into your content.



Jared Feldman,
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Mashwork, a leading social media insights firm, Jared Feldman is a digital entrepreneur and Social TV thought leader dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social media insight. 

Sam Hui, PhD,
Chief Scientist

With a focus on developing new methodology and research applications, Professor Sam Hui has made significant contributions to the field of marketing science. Professor Hui is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston Bauer College of Business. 


Navarrow Wright 
Chief Technology

Stuart Schwartzapfel 
Chief Sales Officer 

Lu Liu
VP of Technology

Dean Callas 
Chief Financial Officer


Michoel Ogince
Founding Partner at
Windforce Ventures

Stephen Gatfield
Marcoms Strategist & Investor

Shaula Yemini
Principal at SAY Ventures

David Beck
Co-Founder at BRaVe Ventures


Jesse Redniss
Co-Founder at BRaVe Ventures

Greg Battle
Principal at Applico



Canvs programmatically analyzes TV-related Tweets captured by Nielsen.

Canvs draws from the vast Gracenote infrastructure to continually keep the product up to date on the latest in TV.


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