Emotion Measurement, solved


Accurate Measurement

Canvs is the emotional engine for the modern era.

Nobody analyzes misspellings, slang, and abbreviations as accurately or as in-depth as we do.

(Our clients say we're so on fleek.)

Digital content measurement in 2016

There are two sides to every story — quantitative and qualitative.

For years, the media industry has based all planning, buying, and telling decision on the quantitative metrics
while making uninformed guesses on qualitative metrics.


  • Ratings
  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Completion Rate
  • Viewability
  • Shares
  • Thumbs up, Thumbs down
  • # of Comments



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Canvs can help by answering your qualitative questions.

I am loving Canvs. It is extremely valuable to me and my team and so easy to use! With the help of Canvs, we’re able to report the next day with both quantitative and qualitative learnings. [Emotion] analysis used to be difficult for us to collect,
but Canvs has changed the game!
— Carly Prosser, Creative Account Manager, McBeard

peerless technology

How we do it

Canvs receives Tweets about new and live TV for 230+ channels from Nielsen. Additionally, we track conversation on owned Facebook pages and any YouTube video, playlist or channel.

Our Algorithm extracts Emotional Reactions across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. An Emotional Reaction is any piece of social media content which contains an emotion.

Canvs classifies Emotional Reactions into diverse emotional categories for you to make more educated decisions relating to fans of your content.