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Stop counting

You know how many people are talking about your show, but only Canvs can tell you why they’re talking about it. Canvs allows you to immediately identify the specific moments that drove audience reactions to your content.

Forget sentiment

We know that social media sentiment tools aren’t accurate because we’ve used them all. We don’t even believe in positive, negative, and neutral sentiment. Canvs uncovers nuanced audience emotions and lets you decide what they mean for your show.

"An impossible, and yet possible, real-time focus group of the masses."

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Actionable insights
for the TV ecosystem


Use Canvs to identify plots and characters that resonate. Cut your trailers, bumpers, and promos accordingly and watch tune-in skyrocket.

Ad Sales

Use Canvs to identify what other brands your most engaged audience loves. Then get to work selling super effective spots and integrations.


Use Canvs to get feedback in real time. Know immediately if that joke in the third act landed and if viewers hate the new villain as much as you want them to.

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"An algorithm knows who liked the How I Met Your Mother finale"

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A single solution for
everything you want


No more settling for shaky sentiment. No more hours manually calculating it yourself. Canvs gives you immediate, actionable insights about how your audience feels with the click of a mouse.


Our experience speaks for itself. Canvs was built by New York City’s best social TV analysts and data scientists as a tool for themselves. See what it can do for you.


Canvs gives you visibility into all conversation. You can see that Canvs is really as good at categorizing reactions as we say it is.


Gone are crowded dashboards and illegible charts. Functional design is one of our core values. As a result, Canvs is clean, intuitive, and fun to use.


Conceived by some of the best minds in data science. Our expert analysts continually teach the platform the ever-evolving vernacular of social media.


Canvs seamlessly adapts to your needs. Explore and export your data by time period, emotional filter, and search terms.

"Beyond Sentiment Analysis: Canvs Takes Instant Social Temperature Of TV Shows"

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